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With a combined 95+ years of experience realizing operational results, you’re in good hands with M&G Solutions.

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Should you need a unique technology or infrastructure solution, we can reach out to our deep network of trusted partners and vendors.


“We’ve worked with M&G since the earliest days of our formation; having access to their level of compliance expertise has given us peace of mind that we are always going to provide our clients with a sound, compliant solution to their needs.”

Aleks Whitchurch, CEO of Quanta Credit Services, Inc.

“We hired Maxwell and Graves because of their subject matter expertise in Accounts Receivables and Operations. Ryan and Mike have driven operational and strategic initiatives across a wide spectrum. Ryan led the end-to-end automation of our program and settlement processes taking us from a manual labor-intensive environment to a fully systemic process allowing us to expand and grow our mission. He offers a unique combination of both technical and operational skills needed to get the job done right! Mike has led strategic initiatives, one that delivered 20X ROI in just the first year. Their expertise and leadership have been invaluable to our organization and mission of helping customers build better credit for better lives.”

Susan Coniglio, Head of Collections and Recovery at Mercury Financial LLC.

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