Our Approach

Brad founded M&G Solutions with a vision for growth, which meant it needed to reflect the future team, not just the inaugural members. That is why there is no person named Maxwell or Graves (the “M “and “G” of M&G Solutions) working at our business.

Before M&G Solutions’ inception, Brad had purchased an entity name that honored the business accomplishments of his great-great-great-grandfather Henry Graves and his son, Henry Graves, Jr.

Henry Graves was a co-founder and partner of Maxwell & Graves Investment Bank, which engaged in the railroad and financial services industries, and Henry Graves, Jr. continued the family legacy of financial services expertise as an investment banker. The latter, a renowned watch collector, commissioned the most complicated (and expensive) watch ever made, the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication, which is visible in the M&G Solutions logo.

The vision for M&G Solutions was inspired by Brad’s family’s long legacy in the financial services industry and penchant for pursuing what is possible. But the foundation of our business is built on relationships.

The M&G Solutions team works as a cohesive unit with our clients to improve operations, compliance, and processes.


We’re Doers and Operators

M&G Solutions integrates into your business to synthesize the solutions you need for the results you want. We do far more than create a deck with recommendations and hand it off for you to implement on your own; we’re truly by your side every step of the process.

Our priorities are three-fold:

Decode your business needs.

Devise lock-and-key strategies for your business’s unique outlook.

Develop long-lasting relationships with our clients, so we’re both a trusted source of expertise and a friendly face.

Our Mission

Our team of consultants is committed to providing expert guidance, innovative solutions, and exceptional service to help our clients maximize their potential. We strive to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients and deliver customized solutions tailored to their unique needs, ultimately empowering them to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Our Approach


We bring decades of experience in financial services across multiple functionalities, including back office, operations, collections and recoveries, customer experience, and more.


Each client we work with grants us the opportunity to keep learning and growing in our expertise as we provide solutions to their most pressing business needs — and watch as changes take place.


Our dedication to our craft leads to fresh perspectives and novel solutions.


We lead from a strong sense of right and wrong, minimizing risk rather than creating it.


Expect honest assessments and direct conversations from our team; we provide realistic expectations for results and level with our clients whenever necessary.

Deep Industry Expertise

years of experience in the financial services industry

years of accounts receivable management experience

years leading client support organizations

years of business leadership experience

Send us a message, and let’s discuss how our team can help your business.