5 Things to Look for in a Call Center Partner

We know that outsourcing parts of your business makes sense; it can save you money and provide you with a wealth of knowledge you don’t currently possess. However, the process of choosing an outsourcing vendor can be intimidating for companies. Knowing what to look for in prospective partners will help make the process a little less scary, so here are 5 key things to look for in your next outsourcing partner or call center.


It is easy to build a brand and be visible to clients, but having a good reputation goes deeper than that. When you are looking at a new vendor, request to speak with current clients. Current client testimonials will allow you to understand what value the call center’s other partners feel they add to their business. Talking with them will explain how the outsourcer works with their partner and what you can expect from the relationship. This reference process is also an excellent opportunity for you to ask about the things that are important to you and your organization. How quickly does the outsourcer respond to issues? Does the outsourcer make suggestions to improve the partner’s business, or do they allow the partner to make all the decisions? The answers to these questions are essential for discovering the following criteria.


The end goal is always to find a partner for the long term. If you will be working with and trusting another organization with your business, it is crucial that you ensure their culture and values align with your own. If you prioritize innovation and customer service, you want to make sure that those things will also be the focus of your potential partner. Misalignment in values and culture could be detrimental to your business in the long term.


Call centers have a poor reputation for attrition and engagement, and we know that engaged employees save businesses money. Even if you don’t have to pay for attrition training for employees, high turnover among employees can affect the level of service your customers receive. Disengaged employees are also a security and service risk to customers, especially if you expect your outsourcers to care about your customers and your business.


There is no limit to the things you would do to protect your customers and their data. You will need to share sensitive and personally identifiable information with your outsourcing partner. How does this prospective partner handle your data? What safeguards are in place to ensure electronic and physical protection of your data? Do they limit access? This is especially important into today’s economy, as companies have been working more and more with work-from-home agents in call center environments. Make sure you understand how they will protect you and your customers.


Finally, you want to make sure that the partner you are working with understands your business. Your business and industry have nuances and intricacies that are specific and relevant to your partner vendor. Working with a partner who has experience in your industry will ensure that these nuances are appreciated and tended to appropriately. An experienced partner will also be a valuable font of shared wisdom and best practices that will benefit your business. Working with an experienced partner will also ease the onboarding process; you will not have to waste time bringing the partner up to speed on your industry.

It might seem daunting to find an outsourcer that meets all these criteria, but help is not far away. M&G Solutions has a lot of experience connecting our Clients with the right partners for their business. Reach out today and see how we will help you build a procurement process that identifies these key drivers, helps you choose the best candidates, and works with you and your partner to plan a strategy that will ensure success for your business.