Case Study Four

Nature of client’s business?

A global digital fintech organization

What were they trying to solve for or pain point in their business?

The client needed assistance with:

  • Understanding the nuances between the various verticals in the financial services industry across North America in order to enhance performance for their strategic partners.
  • The identification and introduction of potential clients and acquisitions targets.
  • Improving their client services relationship model to drive organic growth with existing clients. 

What did we propose to offer help them solve the problem?

We proposed to assist the organization with:

  • Understanding the nuances of different product types in various markets such as traditional financial institutions (banks) versus fintech, BNPL’s, and debt buyers.
  • To make introductions to industry contacts and facilitate new business development and potential acquisition meetings.
  • Develop and launch a best in class client services relationship model.

What did we finally deliver to them?

  • We delivered expertise and guidance of the financial services landscape in North America,  assisting our client with product and performance enhancements.
  • We made multiple introductions to potential clients that ultimately resulted in contractual agreements, assisting their global expansion into the Canadian and US markets.
  • Our guidance on how to enhance their client services relationship model led to improvements in client communications, interactions, and ultimately a stronger overall relationship driving additional market share opportunities.